Adam Levine’s Yoga Instructor Reveals How To Stay Fit This Fall

Adam Levine Yoga

What is the secret to Adam Levine’s hot, toned body — yoga! Yes, HollywoodLifers, Adam is an avid yoga fan and works out with instructor and owner of AZIAM Yoga, Alanna Zabel. We sat down with Alanna in an EXCLUSIVE interview, and found out how YOU can stay fit this fall!

Want the key to a lean and fit body? Well, Adam Levine‘s yoga instructor sat down with for an interview on September 24 to tell us about staying in shape during the upcoming holidays. Don’t be worried about overindulging this holiday season, because Alanna Zabel gave us all the scoop on kicking your body into shape! Find out about this celebrity trainer below, and the secret as to why this low cardio workout will give you awesome results!

Celebrity Yoga Instructor — Interview On How Yoga Can Give You The Results You’re Looking For

Yoga has been the latest workout secret that most celebrities are using to tone and strengthen their muscles. Adam Levine is one of those celebs who is known for having that AH-MAZING body. His secret — yoga instructor Alanna Zabel! Alanna is the owner of AZIAM Yoga, and sat down with for an exclusive interview.

We all wanted to know — why is yoga SO great for the body?

“You’re using your own body’s weight and creating your own resistance, which is the most intelligent form. To move your body against itself, that is the most beautiful way to tone your entire body all at once.”

Well Adam definitely has that beautiful body! We don’t know if he has “moves like jagger,” but he MUST have those yoga moves down pat, because his body is fantastic!

Adam Levine — Alanna Dishes On Why He Loves The Workout

Here’s what Alanna had to say about instructing Adam: “Adam is amazing. He is one of the most contagious human beings on the planet. He’s fantastic. He’s the kind of guy that has goji berries instead of M Ms.”

The best part about yoga is that you don’t need a ton of space to workout. Maybe that’s why so many celebs love yoga — it’s easy to do in hotel rooms and when traveling!

Yoga is such a great workout routine to start with, because anyone at any skill level can start! Alanna gave us tips on how to begin your yoga workout, and what you should and should not do.

“I’ve been teaching for a long time. There are so many different bodies that I always want to approach things slowly with my clients and see how the body responds first and then start building around that, almost like a custom workout. This minimizes injury so that they can workout longer. So do your research, find a really good instructor and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” even got a little taste of what Adam does in his yoga lesson when Alanna taught us a class of beginner yoga poses — pics can be found on Instagram @Hollypics!

What do you think of yoga, HollywoodLifers? Comment below with your yoga experiences, or if you think yoga is something you’ll try this fall!

– Gabrielle Bernardini, Reporting by Dory Larrabee

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