Aerial yoga may help realign and decompress the spine


If you have a bad back, taking the gravity out of exercise may ease your pain.

With aerial yoga, you assume different yoga poses while hanging from a yoga swing attached to the ceiling.

Instructors say it helps decompress and realign the spine, but doctors warn that this type of exercise may not be for everyone.

“When you’re suspended, it almost acts like a traction of the back, which can be therapeutic,” says Dr. Elizabeth Manejias. “However, if you have an area of the spine that is inflamed, having traction at that segment can cause pain.”

The Detroit Flyhouse on Russell Street offers several types of aerial classes. While the classes are supposed to be good for all fitness levels, you should check with your doctor before taking your first class, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

For more information on the Detroit Flyhouse, click here.

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