Aerial yoga taking off in SE Wisconsin

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Aerial yoga taking off in SE Wisconsin

CREATED Jun. 17, 2013 – UPDATED: Jun. 17, 2013

  • Courtny Gerrish reports. Video by


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WAUKESHA – At the Reaching Treetops Studio in Wauskesha, they’re flipping yoga up in the air.  It’s called aerial yoga. 

Studio owner Alyssa Konda says, “I’m always looking for an element that will bring smiles to peoples faces.”

Instructors hang hammocks from the ceiling and work on different poses.  From swinging, to inversion, to other aerial techniques, gravity is used to better stretch and strengthen the body.  It also has the added of excitement of doing yoga in flight.

Instructor Rhiannon Lucente explains, “It’s a whole wellness program where you integrate traditional yoga moves into something that’s more contemporary.”

Experts say it’s designed for any age or skill level.  Friends Jenny Wong and Alissa Thomas recently tried aerial yoga for the first time.  While it was hard at first, both caught on in no time at all.

“It was a lot of fun.  You’re hanging form the ceiling and you just kind of glide through the air.  It was really cool,” Alissa says.

Jenny adds, “It’s all about confidence and all about you trusting that something will hold on to you I guess.  As long as you feel comfortable with that it actually wasn’t too bad.”

Instructors say the sky’s the limit for how far you can go with this.  “There are no limitations to it.  You can introduce traditional circus moves for aerial silks.  You can introduce your own moves, something you feel comfortable with,” Lucente suggests.

They wrap up the class focusing on calming the mind, body and spirit.  It’s a workout that takes you high in the air and leaves you fully grounded back on Earth.

Aerial yoga classes are available for ages from children to older adults.  They also offer classes for beginners and more advanced aerialists. 

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