Beginners Yoga Routine: A Simple Step by Step Plan to Start Practicing Yoga

If you are about to begin the practice of Yoga, you might be looking at information for beginners or a beginners Yoga routine.

Below is an outline of a possible beginners Yoga routine. Feel free to change and adapt this to what suits you, as this is what matters when all’s said and done.


Cross your legs in a sat down position, so that you are comfortable, to settle into your Yoga practice. This is an easy pose to do and will therefore make you get into the practice of doing Yoga by giving you a solid basis to start from.

Focus on your breathing, by taking long, relaxed breaths, and close your eyes. Acknowledge any strains in your body so you can work on loosening them later.
Stay in this position for a few minutes to get your mind into the right place to start doing your Yoga workout.

Warming Up:

Like any form of exercise, Yoga should have a warm up stage in order to get your body prepared for the exercise that it’s about to do. You can warm up by doing the cat or cow pose and possibly add some variation to get different parts of your body. This part will primarily get your spine to stretch out.

Opening up the Chest:

This will also get the lower back, but do the cobra position, lying face down on the floor and lifting your chest up like a cobra coming off the ground.

Working the Core:

Go into the downward facing dog pose, during which concentrating on the support of your hands and feet in order to stretch your limbs and torso. Hold for a few minutes whilst focusing on your deep breathing.

Find Balance:

Stand up straight and life the flat of your right foot onto the inner side of your left calf or thigh. Have your arms overhead, pointing straight up and have your palms together and then move your hands apart like tree limbs. Hold this for a few minutes whilst doing the same breathing pattern as above and then stop and repeat by bringing your left foot up to the right leg.

Cooling Down:

As with warming up, this is an important part of any form of exercise. To do it in Yoga, sit with your legs straight out, pointing away from you. Straighten your back and then lean forward whilst keeping your chest lifted.

End you workout with the corpse pose, lying down flat on your back, whilst breathing deeply to relax and move into meditation.

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