Family First: High Flying with Aerial Yoga


There is a new fitness craze that has taken over Yoga studios everywhere. If you combine traditional yoga with the physical training of an aerialist, you have Aerial Yoga.

Susie Stevens of Aerial Flow Yoga in Shreveport says the moves are similar to Yoga because it is breathe based and the poses stem from traditional yoga poses. Stevens has taught floor mat yoga for some time, but felt she and others needed more.

“I still was having back and neck issues. Being an ex-gymnast and dancer, I started exploring and found the chutes, said Stevens.”

Yoga is often used to calm the nervous system through stretches, deep breathing and releasing yourself of daily emotional stress. With Aerial Yoga, you achieve the same thing, but chutes and silk are used to help work the upper body and strengthen the core.

“We’ve had mom and daughter, we’ve had dads, we’ve had husbands and wives, we’ve had a date, says Stevens.”

The moves also help improve flexibility, strength and alignment in both children and adults.

I’m a dental hygienist and it’s so hard on your back,” says Ashley Shaul, a student at Aerial Flow Yoga,”It helps my back and my neck and releases all the tensions.”

The acrobatic stress reliever does come with some warnings.

“Inverting or going upside down if you have high blood pressure or certain back surgeries. If they have a rod in their back there are certain things we cannot do. It depends on pregnancy, we’re not going to do anything upside down but they can do sitting or lying work, says Stevens.”

With aerial flow yoga, Stevens says it doesn’t matter the age or size, there is something for you in the air.


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