“Fizzy Yoga” Is All The Rage Now, But What Is It?

Fizzy Yoga Is All The Rage Now, But What Is It?

“Fizzy yoga”, or physiyoga, is a new method of exercise that has stars like Kim Cattrall lining up to learn; now, everyone wants to know what exactly it entails.

The routine incorporates yoga poses with physical therapy, which not only heals old injuries but prevents the body from more harm. Instructor Diana Zotos says she gives an evaluation before allowing anyone to take her course, to see which parts need to be focused on.

“When I meet someone for the first time, I do a physical therapy evaluation,” Zotos said. “Then we customize a yoga program around that. It targets deficits, will strengthen muscles that are weak and stretch muscles that are tight, while focusing on the core.”

Kim Cattrall spoke recently about her new love for the exercises, saying the method has saved her life.

“As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me,” she said. “What I want to do more of is intense stretching. I’m not worried about injuring myself because a regular yoga instructor isn’t versed in the way of the body like a trained physio [instructor] is.”

She says that her workout routine during filming for “Sex And The City” was so intense that it left her with no energy to do anything else; physiyoga does the opposite.

“I’d do massive sessions of heavy cardio before each series started and then no exercise at all during filming,” she said. “I’d just collapse at the weekends.”

Now, she says, she can focus on gaining strength and energy without having to worry about damaging her muscles. If her figure is any indication of the results, we can probably expect to see a lot more celebrities taking up the practice.

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