Fly high with aerial yoga

QUINCY, ILL. — Ashley Burroughs wouldn’t describe herself as athletic.

“I’m not an exerciser,” Burroughs said. “I don’t like to exercise and I really want to be better at being more flexible.”

So she decided to take up yoga, but not your average class.

“It’s not like any other exercise I’ve done before,” she said. “It’s like you’re not working out. It’s like you’re a kid playing in the playground again on a swing.”

Burroughs started taking aerial yoga classes with instructors Kate Martin and Kate Wingerter. (Click here to see Kristen try aerial yoga.)

“Aerial yoga is just incorporating traditional yoga poses and uses fabric,” Wingerter said.

“The fabric can support your body weight and that helps with inversions and giving that feeling of being upside down without having to support your body weight on your own,” Martin said.

Martin and Wingerter studied aerial fabric dance in California and transitioned their moves into aerial yoga six months ago. They hold the only aerial yoga classes within the Tri-State area.

“The next place would be Chicago,” Wingerter said.

That gives their clients a unique experience.

“We’ve had clients that range from 7 years old to 71,” Wingerter said.

“We can tailor the movements towards every fitness level and ability,” Martin said.

That’s what keeps Burroughs coming back to each class.

“You don’t have to be super athletic to do it and that’s something I really enjoy,” she said.

NuFit For You is holding aerial yoga summer workshops. Click here for more information.

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