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I feel so blessed to be living in a community so enriched with health, fitness and well-being! This healthy and active lifestyle is made possible by many contributing factors! From our very own backyard of mountains, trails, parks and lakes that we have the opportunity to explore, train and “play” on, to the many passionate, educated and inspirational fitness leaders and professionals that have transformed their passion into their career, in-turn helping to inspire, educate, motivate and transform many lives!

As a passionate health/fitness advocate and personal trainer, I have the amazing opportunity to personally get to know and learn from many other inspiring fitness leaders in our community! These fitness leaders have all inspired me with their passion and drive to help change lives.  With such a high regard and respect for these trainers and health industry professionals, I thought it would only be fair to introduce them to you knowing that they could be the one to make a difference in your life and future of health and fitness!

Today I feature one of the many inspirational fitness leaders with whom has played a huge role in many people’s journey of finding fitness, health and balance, including mine!  Meet Laura Martini of Martini Yoga. I have asked Laura what she feels everyone should know and understand about yoga!

  • Saying that I’m too tight/stiff to go to yoga is like saying that you are too hungry to eat.

As a yoga teacher, I understand that you are embarrassed by your tight hamstrings and don’t think you’ll be “good” at yoga; I’ve heard it all.  But it is the people like you who need yoga the most.  If you feel as though your muscles are tight, chances are they will continue to get tighter unless you take the time to stretch them.  It is as simple as that! A consistent yoga practice will not only stretch your muscles, it will help you build strength, it will increase your coordination and balance, and it will help to calm your mind.  

  • Yoga is the practice of compassion. Please understand that yoga was not designed to be a “workout”, it is a system of self-love.

In a world where we are constantly being told that we are never enough, yoga teaches us to be gentle with our bodies and minds.  Through yoga we learn to recognize that we already have everything we need.  The physical practice of yoga gives us the opportunity to go deeper into our bodies and really take the time to understand where we should be placing our attention.  The ancient system of yoga recognized that when we take the time to love ourselves, only then will our love be able to translate to others.

  • Yoga is accepting of all.

It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or Buddhist, small or large, bendy like Gumby or stiff as a board, yoga can work for you.  Yoga teachers are surprisingly skilled at modifying classes to ensure they work for everyone in the room.  That being said, please ensure you read the class description before entering the class.  You will never be judged in a yoga class so know that so long as you are mindful in how you feel in each posture, you can get a lot out of any yoga practice, no matter the teacher or style.


– Laura Martini

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful Laura Martini, see her bio below:

Laura Martini has been teaching yoga for six years and practicing for nine.  She has completed over 500 hours of Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training including 200 hours of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, 100 hours of Holistic Health and Lifestyle Training, 100 hours of Maya Yoga Teacher Training, and a 100 hour advanced program entitled the “Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator” at the Nosara Yoga Institute.  Laura has studied with Amrit Desai, Erich Schiffman, Seane Corn, Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini, Don and Amba Stapleton, Mark Laham, Jeff and Sonya Thomlinson, and Eoin Finn.  Laura is an experienced instructor with over 2000 teaching hours under her belt.  She has led everything from therapeutic private classes for people suffering from serious injuries to public fundraising classes with 300 people.

If yoga is not a form of exercise that you have reaped the many wonderful benefits of, and those tight muscles are screaming at you to make a change, take the time to research which studios and classes are offering what exactly it is that you are looking for to achieve and receive from the practice!

Keep your eyes peeled as many more powerful fitness and health practitioners and instructors will be highlighted in my upcoming columns!  If you have any comments, questions or training inquiries, contact me at 250-859-2431 or

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