Life Lessons: Yoga for kids

Some of us do yoga for exercise and stress relief, but did you know kids can do yoga too?

Millions of people around the world do yoga and now some health experts are urging parents to get their kids to try these exercises.

They say it can help kids be better test takers and can even prevent temper tantrums.

“It increases strength in children, flexibility; it teaches them concentration, patience, and balance too, ” says Anastasia Underwood, a yoga teacher and librarian with Safety Harbor Library.

She runs a class for kids called Poses a Plenty. But it can be a balancing act to keep the tots in line, so she weaves in yoga-related stories to keep the kids connected.

“They can’t wait until I turn the page to see what kind of animal they get to be.”

Studies show yoga can reduce fear and aggression and can even relieve test anxiety.

Anastasia says kids can do simple yoga stretches before tests.

Lisa Suprenand is a mom who hopes to stretch the benefits into the home. She explains, “I thought it would be a great way to have a little calmness. Four-year-olds have a lot of energy.”

Research shows that stress management programs like yoga can help improve academic performance, classroom behaviors, and even concentration.

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