LifeApps Set for Growth in Ancient Form of Exercise

BALTIMORE, MD–(Marketwired – Sep 12, 2013) – Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm focused on the small cap and microcap sectors, notes in a recent article that the popular yoga-centric product platforms recently introduced by LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. (OTCQB: LFAP) capitalize on the huge growth in yoga participation in the U.S.

Yoga is literally heating up across the United States. The exercise routines date back to 3000 BC from India and were originally intended as a form of meditation and relaxation. Today, in the U.S., yoga is being used by the health minded individual to control stress and increase flexibility and strength. A new fad is “hot” yoga, where the studio temperature is cranked up in an effort to sooth muscles and tendons. This is part of an ever-growing migration to yoga as a form of exercise in the US and globally. To capitalize on this yoga growth LifeApps, a provider of fitness related content for the mobile media market has introduced exciting yoga-centric product platforms. These offerings provide content and information around yoga routines and expert opinions.

The MDWorkout is a full-featured workout tutorial app that highlights over 100 workouts, yoga routines and stretches. A “My Routine” function allows users to customize workouts and easily build playlists. LifeApps’s YogaWorkout PRO is a set of professional yoga instruction with narrated videos. The latest update features retina display support and AirPlay support that allow the user to stream videos from their phone or AppleTV.

The combination of managing increased time constraints for the health conscious consumer and the proliferation of yoga as a form of exercise make the content LifeApps® provides a popular offering for the health conscious consumer. As an example of the domestic growth, in 1999, the Yoga Master Bikram started one studio in Manhattan, and today there are hundreds of Bikram Yogas in the U.S. In 2012, Yoga Journal published a study finding that there was an increase in regular yoga participation from 2008 of 40.6% in 18 to 34 year olds, 41% in 34 to 55 year olds, and 18% in 55 and older people in the U.S. Additionally, those who had practiced yoga increased their spending on equipment and lessons by 46% over that time. Even professional athletes are using the routines for relaxation and stretching, as illustrated by an article in the Washington Times from 2012 about Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals.

The increase in the popularity of yoga makes sense when one considers the positive effects the routines offer to combat the stresses of the modern world. Yoga provides stress relief through meditation, strengthening, and stretching. As a result, LifeApps is in the right place at the right time with its Yoga platforms, which will surely serve as a key driver of revenue for the emerging health and fitness content provider.

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About LifeApps Digital Media, Inc.: LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. (OTCQB: LFAP) is a digital media company focusing on health, fitness, sports publications, and next-generation social networks. The company is a leading, authorized developer, publisher and licensee for Apple iOS — iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad — and Android tablets on Google Play and Kindle Fire and Androids via Amazon Mobile Marketplace. Health, fitness and sports enthusiasts can benefit from the expertise of top-tier sports physicians, performance fitness trainers and professional athletes through LifeApps® multi-sport and fitness publications and mobile apps. These subject matter experts create the skills, drills and workouts that are featured in the family of LifeApps® Digital Media products and publications.

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