Miracle of Yoga Launches Line of Prenatal Yoga Videos

GOLDEN, CO–(Marketwired – Aug 28, 2013) – Miracle of Yoga announces the release of its new line of yoga videos, which are created specifically for women practicing prenatal yoga. All the yoga positions will be safe and health-building for both the mother and the baby.

Owner of the studio, Christian Leeby, has wanted to provide these helpful videos for some time now. They are part of a move to diversify the ever-growing body of videos and instructions available on the Miracle of Yoga website. By teaching yoga for pregnant women, Leeby is able to address a growing need in the community.

The new line of yoga videos will be geared toward meeting the various needs of pregnant women. Topics will include working toward safe fitness, maintaining body stability, relieving physical tension, breathing properly, and reducing many of the common pregnancy pains. Yoga positions and instructions will be geared specifically toward varying stages of pregnancy. All classes will help to calm mental and emotional stresses as well as mitigating physical tension.

The yoga studio will add at least one new prenatal video a month. These videos will be posted in a growing library that includes 15-minute classes, sun salutations, back care, and office yoga.

“Yoga is the best exercise for pregnancy,” states Leeby, “as long as you are careful to avoid those yoga poses that should not be practiced. Yoga is safe and effective in helping the soon-to-be mom deal with the physical and mental stresses of carrying a baby.”

Since prenatal care differs from general physical wellbeing and often requires more thoughtfulness on the part of the mother, this line of classes will meet an important need. Yoga for pregnant women is a category often overlooked by teachers, but Leeby aims to change that. These videos will explain essential elements of prenatal care, not only for women in the yoga community but also for those women simply seeking the best care during their pregnancies.

For more information and to begin watching prenatal yoga videos, please visit www.miracleofyoga.com.

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