New Boyne City yoga studio opens

Boyne City’s newest yoga and fusion studio, balanced living, opened in September in the front section of the Huntington Bank building on River Street. Leslie Nielson, co-owner of Boyne City’s inspired living retail store on Water Street, is the impetus behind the opening of the balanced living yoga business.

“People who love yoga are the ones most likely to start a yoga studio,” she said. “I created the type of studio I would want to attend.”

Sixteen weekly classes are taught by five certified instructors, each with individual and complementary skills. 

“I am really, really happy with the response from the community,” Nielson said. “We already have over 50 people who attend regularly.”

A variety of price options fits Nielson’s vision that yoga should be affordable to everyone. Passes are $50 for 5 classes, $80 for 10 classes with a $10 coupon good at inspired living, or $65 for unlimited yoga for 30 consecutive days. Walk-ins are $12 per class. Students who show proof of enrollment pay $30 for 30 consecutive days. Nielson said she hopes the discounted student pass will bring a new generation to yoga.

“We are committed to reaching out to our young people,” she said.

The bank property remained vacant for almost five years before Neilson considered it. “I didn’t think it was right for a studio, but I showed it to the yoga instructors and they said it would be perfect,” she said. Neilson credits the Huntington organization with giving her a very fair, month-to-month lease.

“They have bent over backwards to make this a reality,” she said.

The studio currently uses 1,000 feet of the 4,000-foot space. Neilson plans to expand during the next six months.

“My goal is to utilize the entire building,” she said. “The space can be divided so that it can accommodate Pilates, meditation, zumba, tai chi and qigong classes, many at the same time.” 

In keeping with its mission statement, balanced living yoga and fusion studio will support the health and well-being of the community through the “modalities based on mind, body, and spirit.” Additional activities and regular fundraising events for charitable causes are also planned.

“I’m very excited about the results, and about the future,” Nielson said.

For more information about classes and schedules, visit online or call (231) 675-1413.

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