New Yoga with a twist

JUPITER, Fla. – Kim Depasquale is a yoga instructor who would rather call herself a fun facilitator, or director of fun.

She’s been doing yoga for some time and wanted to take it to the next level…. on the water!

That has been turning a lot of heads in Jupiter.

Kim first pioneered the idea of replacing the yoga mat with a stand up paddleboard
in Orlando.

“We were doing yoga on the lakes. I moved here, it was a little more challenging to do it on the ocean and Intracoastal, but found a bunch of crazy yogis to come help and inspire with some amazing teachers it’s just expanded and grown.”

Some of the poses can be quite difficult, but there are easier ones to learn.

“It’s not that hard, everybody can do it…and I encourage everybody to come out and try it.”

For people who take Kim’s class like Jamie Rollins, it’s a perfect fit for South Florida.

“Being here  in sunny South Florida you have all the opportunity to practice yoga outdoors,” Rollins says. “Water just really calms me down. There’s a healing and calming property of the water that just really resonates with me.”

Yoga has been known to clear the mind and heal the body.

“Your mind is centered and balanced because you have to be balanced on the board, if you take your focus off your balance for one minute…you’re in the water,” Rollins explains.

Depasquale says, “It’s one of the greatest workouts, you burn a lot of calories, it’s very core oriented. You’re using every part of the muscle, every part of the body.”

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