Prudence Farrow Bruns, Yoga and Meditation Specialist

Prudence as in “Dear Prudence”?
Yes. In 1968, I did a three-month meditation course in India. My sister [Mia Farrow] came to visit, and in the next room were John Lennon and George Harrison. When they left, they said, “We wrote this song for you,” but then I forgot about it.

When did you hear it then?
My mother played it for me. It’s a beautiful song, but there were so many rumors about why John wrote it—that I was a heroin addict, that I had sex with him. It wasn’t that at all; it was about my focus on meditation.

It must have been hard meditating with the Beatles next door.
It would get kind of rowdy, but I found them amusing.

And Mia?
The meditation was too intense for her, so she went on a tiger hunt.

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