RYS 200 Hours Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Offered by Patanjali …

RYS 200 Hours Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Offered by Patanjali …

Dharamshala, India — (SBWIRE) — 10/08/2013 — A good inflow of international students see to visit every year, for learningAshtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha yoga teacher training courses offered by Patanjali Yoga Sutra School, North Goa and Dharamsala, India.  The courses are of 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hours duration.

Within a short period of time after its commencement, the Patanjali Yoga Sutra School gained great reputation among the yoga students all over the world and is now well establishedin India for its teaching methodologies and teaching expertise.  It is notable that the seats in the upcoming courses have been completely booked immediately after its announcement. The weekly tantra yoga meditation retreat offered at its Goa center has received great attention among the yoga enthusiasts. Individuals interested in learning yoga, from all over the world travel to Goa – thebeautiful natural state in western India – to enjoy the sea waves, sun and experience the ancient yoga knowledge.

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Shiva Girish, Director and Yoga Teacher at Patanjali Yoga Sutra School of yoga teacher training India was pleased about the constructive feedback given by the students and mentioned – “it is really wonderful to see this tremendous applauding response from the students in-spite of the tight competition among the like yoga schools running in the state of Goa – the yogic hub of the country”.

Yoga teacher training courses in India, offered by Patanjali Yoga Sutra School, at its two centers are fully residential type with certification from the Yoga Alliance, USA.  The serene atmosphere at the school makes it favourable for the sincere yoga students to learn and practice yoga it is traditional way.   The school makes sure that your stay is most comfortable for the course. All the courses are taught by the well experienced yoga masters. Courses offered at Patanjali Yoga Sutra School are supplemented with teaching methodologies to be possessed by a yoga teacher.  Through this, they make sure that the students are moulded to be the best yoga trainers.  With the deep coverage of all technical aspects in yoga and spirituality, the course is considered complete. The courses offered at the school are a blend of yogic knowledge and the moral ethics in the current social conditions. This makes the school unique when compared with the other yoga schools.

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“There are a lot of institutions offering yoga throughout the world and in India as well. It is essential that each student undergoing the certified yoga teacher training in India should take back the rich yogic culture, the principles and values of yogic living and lifestyle, etc. The school ensures that the lifestyle is set on par with the yogic principles and practices. All the short and long term courses offered by the school includethe teachings on ethical life style based on yogic philosophy.  Without a pinch of top luxury, the student’s mind is trained to become adaptable and peaceful.  Methodologies in teaching yoga are covered in depth throughout the course that is not being offered by other institutions” said Sri. Shiva Girish, Ashtanga, Hatha yoga teacher, Patanjali Yoga Sutra School.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra School conducts the yoga teacher training in India at both centers with lot of positive feedback given by the students.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra School has courses running through the year and the teachers here expect to get similar response for each of them.


01st Aug, 2013 to 28th Aug 2013

09th Sept.2013 to 06th Oct. 2013


22nd Oct. to 20th Nov. 2013

25th Nov. to 23rd Dec. 2013

6th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2014

10th Feb. to 10th March. 2014

Press Release Source : AB Newswire

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