The Gifts of Yoga: Wisdom from the Sages

  • When: Sunday, June 23, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Where: Arts Center of Mississippi, Jackson
  • Cost:

    Per session: $45 through June 1, $50 after; all sessions: $160 through June 1, $175 after

  • Contact Name: Scotta Brady
  • Contact Phone: 601-594-2313
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Categories: Wellness (All), Exercise

WHAT: The Gifts of Yoga: Wisdom from the Sages
WHEN: June 21-23
WHERE: Arts Center of Mississippi, 201 E. Pascagoula St. Jackson, MS 39201 View Map
TRAVEL: Amtrak City of New Orleans stops less than 1/2 mile from workshop venue.
STAY: Fairview Inn
The Gifts of Yoga: Wisdom from the Sages

Fri. 6-8:30 pm Standing Poses and Hip Openers: Inspired from Within

Sat. 10 am-12:30 pm Backbends: The Light that Never Goes Out

Sat. 2:30-5 pm Yoga to the Rescue: Therapy

Sun. 10 am-12:30 pm Inversions Arm Balances: Playful Poses that Celebrate Your Spirit

Pre-registration by June 1 – $160
Registration after June 1 – $175
Per Session by June 1 – $45
Per Session after June 1 – $50

Please join us in welcoming Desirée Rumbaugh back to Jackson, MS for a weekend yoga workshop. Her technical ability, sense of humor, strength, vulnerability, and deep inspiration have endeared her to many here in the Southeast and many others all over the world! She is known to transform your outlook and shift your life!

Desirée has been immersed in yoga since 1987. Each year brings her greater understanding and a deeper bow of gratitude for all the gifts she has received from this great practice of union with the Self. The discovery of the transformational power of yoga has helped her to lift so many veils in her life that she is now compelled to travel the world and share this practice with anyone who is open to it. For Desirée, teaching yoga is a playful art form and she encourages her students to see their practice as a channel for personal creativity.

September 2007 marked the release of her first DVD entitled Yoga to the Rescue, which is specially designed for those who have avoided yoga because of a lack of flexibility, low fitness level or chronic pain. Her newest DVD’s entitled Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain and Yoga to the Rescue for the Neck and Shoulders were released in January 2008 with wide acclaim. Desirée is also a contributor to various organizations and publications, including the Yoga Journal, where she was featured on the February 2008 cover.

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