Try Troga – the latest form of yoga

Sydney: A new form of yoga, nicknamed Troga, will be launching in Australia next week.

Developed by two Australians, Troga combines yoga and TRX – a form of resistance training using ropes and webbing, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Former Cronulla Sharks rugby league player, Ben Lucas, who`s been a personal trainer for 13 years and Kate Kendall, who has been a yoga teacher for the past five years, created it.

Lucas said when he was training for a 100km ultra-marathon in mid 2010 he was first suggested to try yoga help recover well.

After practicing yoga he said he went from not being able to touch his toes to making it an integral part of his training process.

On the hand while teaching Lucas yoga Kendall noticed how his training was affecting his yoga practice and making it stronger.

She recalled how the yoga was making Lucas more mobile and keeping him injury free.

Later they decided to set up Flow Athletic in Sydney`s Paddington that will offer classes online for the rest of the nation.

They will offer Troga (TRX/yoga) and Bike-Asana (spin/yoga) classes. Spin/yoga is popular overseas with celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Troga uses a system of ropes and webbing called a “suspension trainer” attached to the ceiling, it means the workout uses your own body weight as resistance.

“We`re bringing the philosophy of yoga to an athletic workout. Being present, breathing, and marrying the athletic mindset with yoga,“ the Australian paper quoted Kendall as saying.

Lucas claimed he had done his TRX training in San Francisco and spin training in New York while Kate studied yoga in India.

`”We`ve designed the classes so everyone can workout together. From the novice to the most experienced athletes can get a great workout. It really uses your abdominals but is quite gentle on your joints as well. If you have an injury you can work around it,” he said.


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