Vak Yoga May 12 2013 Ambika Devi MA Yoga NEXT

Vak-Yoga May 12, 2013Ambika Devi MA Yoga-NEXT Movement: Educator

Vak Yoga: is the journey from My Word to I am Word. It is the Yoga of the speech process. Vak is the progression of thought becoming a Spoken Expression.  Vak is the procedure by which the Birth of Speech takes place through the speaker.

Stress has been created through our speech patterns. Let us now generate and regenerate positive energy with our sounds.

We have learned how to spend energy by speaking. Let’s now energize ourselves by speaking.

In Vak Yoga we are dealing with the living being and not viewing the body as a machine.  The west has immersed in the act of working the physical body  and the breath in many forms of exercise. Now it is ready to learn the art of meditation.

When breathing alone is not enough to create deep relaxation, Vak Yoga combines breath with sounds to quickly and easily take us into the deep integrative felt state of meditation.

As Yoga-NEXT educators, we work with the voice and breath in harmony.

Our theorem for Vak Yoga comes from the Patanjali Yoga sutras: 2:27 and 4:1.

The experience of a Vak-Yoga practice allows participants to feel and compare the difference between these three states:

1. Physical relation is experienced through Yoga asana movement of the body which occurs in the final resting pose of Yoga: Shavasana, after the body has exercised.

2. The conscious sleep of Yoga Nidra.

3. Deep relaxation in a waking state in our unique sound-breath technique of Vak-Yoga meditation.

As your instructor I give guidance for the precision of sound by making adjustments and corrections of technique. This gives the optimum experience of the mind stilling effect of Vak-Yoga. It cannot be achieved by listening to a recording.

The outcome and effect of Vak-Yoga is the full-bodily-felt-sensation of being in the moment and completely connected with others and the world around you.

The gifts of the practice of Vak Yoga

Vak-Yoga Gives: Peace of mind and opens the path to self-realization.

Vak-Yoga Deconstructs: methods and beliefs and past patterns.

Vak-Yoga creates Acceptance, understanding and empathy for self and others.

This is the new life of yoga. This is Vak, this is Yoga-NEXT.

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