Yoga – not only for the fit and flexible, but for everyone

Well known local yoga practitioner Esther Jones has opened a bespoke yoga centre The Studio, on Glen Falcon Road in the heart of Douglas. A haven of peace and tranquility, The Studio is bright and spacious with lots of natural light and easy parking.
The Studio is unique to the Isle of Man, offering personable and safe yoga practices, for all ages, demanding the integrity of this tradition and ensuring consistency in the quality and discipline of yoga.
Esther Jones is the Studio Director and a fully qualified Yoga Sports Coach (YSS), Yoga Therapist (YBT) and Teacher of Yoga. She is part of the National Health Service Register of Complementary and Alternative Therapists (NHSTA) and regularly receives referrals from local GPs and medical consultants.
Esther Jones began her journey with yoga in South India in 1997; she trained with The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala and became a teacher of yoga in 2001. On returning to the Island, several years later she saw a great need for the application of therapeutic yoga and enrolled with the Yoga Therapy Biomedical Trust (YBT) and in 2007 became an accredited and fully qualified Yoga Therapist having studied a two-year Diploma course with the Yoga Bio-medical Trust (YBT) in London. Esther founded and established The Yoga Therapy Room the following year, and moved to her own premises, The Studio, in January 2013..
“I was always interested in how the practice can be developed to help with specific issues as more and more students were coming to me with different health challenges,” says Esther.  “My intensive training as a Yoga therapist has enabled me to have a much clearer understanding of anatomy and bio-mechanics, and therefore a clear understanding of how each posture affects the individual depending on his or her specific needs. Yoga Therapy is indeed more effective than general yoga as a safe means of treating medical conditions as well as students dealing with chronic back pain and stress related disorders.”
 In 2012 she qualified as an accredited Yoga Sports Coach having studied with Yoga Sports Science (YSS).  Yoga Sports Science is fast becoming the missing link in strength and conditioning training both improving sporting performance and reducing risk of injury.
Yoga Sports Science is the only organization world-wide to train and qualify Yoga Sports Coaches. Only trainers who have qualified with Yoga Sports Science can genuinely be called Yoga Sports Coaches. The eight month training is thorough and scientifically proven to achieve the best results to improve athletic performance.
“You only have to look at Ryan Giggs, a long term yoga fan to see how yoga helps,” says Esther. “Not everyone can be a premier football player at 39 years old, but any sportsman or woman can reap the benefits of yoga, and the sports specific techniques I teach can help them enjoy their sport at any level, not only improving their game but helping prevent injury and supporting existing injuries”.
Working with Sport-Specific Yoga on a regular basis corrects postural imbalances, improves functional mobility and stability, breathing and focus. It maximizes your performance potential and – most importantly – it gets results. Many elite athletes are now incorporating yoga into their training to help them improve their performance.
 “The practice of yoga helps to realign the spine, detoxify the body, and build strength, flexibility and stamina, but these are only the side benefits of a yoga practice,” explains Esther. “To really grasp what yoga can do, you need to experience it yourself and that’s why I’m urging you to take the leap of faith l took 16 years ago. It is my experiences that make me believe in yoga, not any preconceptions. My experience tells me yoga works, in addition, of course, to the scientific evidence and what I have directly observed and heard from others.”
Esther’s extensive understanding and experiences of the different tendencies and schools within yoga, and her solid grounding in science, anatomy and the bio-mechanics of the body enables her to guide students safely, and with ease, through different practices depending on the specific needs of the individual, making yoga accessible to almost everyone.
Esther offers private tuition for Yoga Sports Coaching and Yoga therapy both of which are best taught either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups and she also offers physically and intellectually challenging yoga classes for all abilities. The Studio also hosts six-week Hatha Yoga Foundation Courses for complete beginners which run at regular intervals throughout the year and Esther also hosts retreats several times a year at Brightlife in Andreas.
For more information look at Esther’s website and for all the latest updates, regular insights and offers please visit www.facebook/estherjonesyoga or call Esther for advice on 416654.
If you are new to estherjonesyoga you can go along to your first class as her guest by downloading the voucher which can be found on the website (terms and conditions apply).

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