Yoga now available on Main Street

SPEEDWAY — Mindi Epstein has created an oasis from the cares of daily life at Main Street Yoga in Speedway.

“This really is a dream come true for me,” Epstein said. “This wasn’t really a big jump for me because I’m truly passionate about yoga.”

Epstein is a business-minded individual and continues to work a full-time position at JCC Indianapolis where she is the senior vice president of internal and external relations.

“I’ve been there for 12 years,” she said “I started as a graphic artist.”

She said she’s never been nervous about opening her own business.

“I do still have my full-time job, but this (the yoga studio) does not feel like work to me,” Epstein said. “I can honestly say I’ve never lost a night’s sleep over this. I’ve just put one foot in front of the other. I’ve opened the doors and people have walked in.”

She started yoga to help keep her body strong as a cyclist.

“I had someone ask me if I realized I was always going forward,” Epstein said. “The body is meant to move in different directions. I thought yoga would make me a better bike rider.”

She ended up teaching yoga at Peace through Yoga at Eagle Creek Park.

“They also have a studio in Zionsville on Main Street,” Epstein said.

Main Street Yoga has classes for adults and children.

“I have a very talented teacher that works with children on the spectrum,” she said. “She integrates projects with yoga poses. I really hope this takes off because I feel it’s a service we can do for the community.”

And, she said, she loves her new studio.

“There is just a peacefulness here,” she said. “The people who’ve come in love it here.”

Epstein said she enjoys sharing her passion with her students.

“I also teach a four-week beginner course,” she said. “In the beginner series, we break down the poses and help people get in touch with their bodies. Yoga can help one become centered.”

The beginner class begins anew each month.

“We work on poses and do a smidgen of yoga theory,” Epstein said. “We do just enough theory so people will know if they want to learn more. I call my beginning studies ‘yogies.’”

She just had her first beginning class graduate and the new classes start this week. Classes meet at 6 p.m. Tuesdays and 4 p.m. Sundays. Students may attend either class each week.

She said one thing she believes whole heartedly is that people, women especially, have a tendency to be hard on themselves internally.

“I always say, ‘Don’t believe what you think,’” she said. “The things we tell ourselves are not true.”

She said she’s not sure why yoga is so appealing to such a wide variety of the population.

“I think stress reduction is a big part of it,” Epstein said. “At the end of each class, you get a seven- to eight-minute deep relaxation. It’s really delicious. People just have so much stress in their lives. People work two jobs to make rent or they’re out there looking for jobs because they’ve gotten downsized.”

She said stretching and flexibility are so important with it comes to maintaining balance as people get older.

“It helps people keep that balance and agility,” she said. “It helps with preventing falls.”

For more information, call 753-1266, visit the website at, or check it out on Facebook.

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