Yoga Solo

I lucked out today and was the only person to show up to Brenda Mailer’s class at Grow a Lotus Yoga Pad. This new studio is located in a small barn space tucked away in owner Leanne Whiting’s back yard at 5531 Leeds St in the North-North end. It was a bit hard to find, but just look for a white house with red door, then take the gate around back.

Brenda was very patient and totally cool about me being the only student. She actually reworked the class to suit me and to work on my weaknesses. This type of attention was a pleasant surprise after diving head first into larger classes. Recognizing immediately that I could use help with Downward Facing Dog, one of the most basic poses, she reworked her plan and helped me stretch my muscles and focus on breathing to push myself further. I cant guarantee you’ll be the only student but the intimate setting ensures close attention and a rewarding experience.

There are still two days left of Yoga Week! If you’re new to yoga or would like to refine your skills with one-on-one instructor time, this studio is for you. Brenda will be teaching another Raja Yoga class Wednesday at noon. Leanne will be offering a Hatha Aligned class on Tuesday at Noon and Wednesday at 5:30pm, as well as Vinyasa Flow: Inversions at 7:00pm!

Brenda Mailer

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