Yoga Therapy Workshop: Teacher Training

  • When: Sunday, September 29, 9 a.m. to noon
  • Where: Butterfly Yoga, Jackson
  • Cost:

    Cost TBA

  • Contact Phone: 601-594-2313
  • Categories: Wellness (All), Alternative/Homeopathic, Exercise

Yoga Therapy
with JJ Gormley-Etchells, E-RYT-500

Participants will learn various techniques to help use yoga to begin the healing process. These techniques are quite useful and have been successfully applied for many students over the many years that JJ has been a yoga therapist (since 1994). JJ has unique ways of thinking about healing and aligning the body. You will learn to apply general and basic yoga therapy principles along with alignment techniques that JJ has picked up from various styles and traditions of yoga that she has studied.

You may register online or mail a check to Butterfly Yoga.
Butterfly Yoga
3025 N State Street
Jackson, MS 39216

JJ Gormley-Etchells has been a student of yoga since 1979 and a teacher
since 1989. She began teaching teachers and using yoga therapeutically
in 1994. She has studied from many traditions including Ashtanga,
Iyengar, Kundalini, Anusara and Viniyoga. She calls her yoga education well-rounded and draws from each tradition that which she loves.

Additional dates

  • Sunday, September 29
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